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dieTop5 Werbespots April, 2011 - Footlocker, adidas ..

05.05.11 , Posted by rf at 5.5.11

Wir stellen jeweils zum Ende eines Monats die Top Werbespots anhand der Zugriffe im Youtube Channel Reklamefernsehen / Fernsehreklame zusammen.

bullet adidas - is all in (long version)

Leo Messy, Beckham, Katy Perry, Derrick Rose, Louis Smith, Cyclops, B.o.B, David Villa, C. Wozniacki, Snoop Doggy Dogg, B.o.B., Dwight Howard, Mehdi, Jeremy, Rokko, Blanka

’all adidas’ brings the diversity of the brand together ... from court to catwalk, stadium to street - Erich Stamminger
Song: Justice mit Civilization

bullet Foot Locker - Nike Air Max Lunar feat. Mario Balotelli

I love that shoes - Super Mario
Stay Un-grounded.

bullet Vodafone - Willkommen

Willkommen im besten Netz.
Song: Bag Raiders - Way Back Home

bullet Peugeot Music - 206+ / 207 / 5008

1 Jahr Musikdownload.
1 an de telechargement de musique offert.
Rihanna - Disturbia, Black Eyed Peas - Just can't get enough, Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP - We no speak americano

bullet T-Mobile - Royal Wedding

One´s Life is for Sharing
Song: East 17, House of Love

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