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all adidas - Passion Stories D. Rose, Messi, Beckham

31.03.11 , Posted by rf at 31.3.11


Game Faces - expressions show the passion that comes forth in every moment of sport and life. It is the game face that unmasks all pretence with an expression of unbridled, uninhibited and visceral passion. In one brief moment, the game face will tell all about your love of the game.

Passion Stories - Interview edits combined with campaign footage that focus on one athlete in particular and tell a more complete story of their passion for what they do and this passion comes from.

Passion for what we do brings the whole adidas family together, uniting everyone from the field to the stage and catwalk.

Derrick Rose Passion Story

I am not worried about anything ... I go out there and have fun

Leo Messi Passion Story

Once he's on the run, Messi is unstoppable. He's the only player who can change direction at such a pace ... He's a PlayStation - Arsène Wenger

David Beckham Passion Story

If you don´t enjoy it, there is no point in playing it.

Kenny Belaey Passion Story

Louis Smith Passion Story

I wouldn't say I'm cocky but, in a sport like gymnastics, you have to come across as confident

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