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31.03.11 , Posted by rf at 31.3.11

Passion Stories - Interview edits combined with campaign footage (around the Vice Secret Party on 14th October 2010 in London) that focus on one celeb in particular and tell a more complete story of their passion for what they do and this passion comes from.

Passion for what we do brings the whole adidas family together, uniting everyone from the field to the stage and catwalk.

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DJs Passion Story @ Vice Secret Party London, 14.10.2010

From Paris to New York, fans flock to the sounds of A-Trak, Busy P and DJ Mehdi.
If that wasn't inspiration enough, what else drives the passion behind their beats
I just always did it ... going to bed with a smile

Game Faces - expressions show the passion in every moment of music or life. It is our game face that unmasks all pretence with an expression of unbridled, uninhibited and visceral passion.
we give everything we´ve got, then go back for more.
no doubts, no holding back, no giving in.
the court to the catwalk, the stadium to the street.
whatever the game, we play the same way:
heart over head. inclusion over ego united by passion,
we go all in - adidas Mantra

London Secret Party Autumn 2010 (extended version) - Sign up for the next Party

Passion Story feat. B.O.B. @ London East End

He was born in Georgia, raised in Decatur, but the stage has always been where he's most at home. 500 fans packed into a warehouse in London's East End.
Basically I make good vibrations for the masses across the globe

Game Faces

Passion Story feat. Katy Perry @ Los Angeles

What takes a young girl singing gospel in her local church to No.1 spot on the Billboard 200x. When she performs, she goes all in.
You know who I am ... people call me pop-star

Game Faces - Z / The Like & Katy Perry


Passion Story feat. The Like @ L.A.

"Z" (Elizabeth Berg), Laena (Geronimo), Tennessee (Thomas) from Los Angeles
I´d sing probably before I talked
music, books & hairspray ... travelling the world, having fun

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Passion Story feat. Cyclops @ London

You need to have strong belief in your art to entrust it to the streets. Once up, it is no longer yours and your only hope is that whilst it exists, it serves to inspire.
I can´t see myself doing anything else, you know?

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